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We are a web2 and web3 development company with almost 20 years experience delivering media and technical solutions for clients.

10 years full stack

Continuous integration with the mainline code to develop vibrant and feature rich apps

20 years in digital

Starting in 2005 we have consistently developed and delivered for our customers

4 years in

NFTs, smart contracts, DAO development, project marketing to reach investors.

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Ask our team today about some of the prestiguous projects we have worked on.

nft marketplaces

Blue Ocean Media has over 10 years experience in full stack development and almost 20 years in traditional web2.
We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique needs. We've developed marketplaces across most of the popular blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon. Our services encompass NFT Minting, Marketplace Development, Metaverse Creation, and Data Analytics to provide a holistic approach. Our designers have also worked on ranges that have had floor caps in the top 10 on Opensea. Whether you're a start-up exploring the NFT space or an established business looking to diversify, our professional team is ready to transform your vision into a profitable reality. Don't miss out on the NFT revolution; contact us today for a consultation.

nft game development

At Blue Ocean Media, we redefine the gaming experience through our cutting-edge NFT Blockchain solutions. Our platform-agnostic toolkit, compatible with both Unity and Unreal SDK, empowers game developers to focus on their core competency—creating exceptional games. With LiveOps integrations, we offer unparalleled speed and flexibility in game development. Our seasoned developers specialise in token creation, NFT gaming platform development, and full-cycle NFT game creation. We go beyond the conventional to provide next-generation NFT games that grant players genuine ownership and control over their in-game assets. Experience the future of gaming where unique virtual items carry real-world value, all underpinned by our world-class NFT game development services. Contact us today to elevate your gaming venture.

nft smart contract development

At Blue Ocean Media, we specialise in crafting robust and secure NFT smart contracts tailored to your business needs. Our services encompass a wide range of smart contract types, including Auction, Buy-Now, Escrow, and Royalty contracts, each designed to facilitate seamless and transparent transactions. We place paramount importance on security, implementing advanced measures to thwart front-running and reentrancy attacks while ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards. Our governance smart contracts empower your community, allowing for democratic decision-making processes within your marketplace. With our unparalleled expertise, we aim to automate and streamline your operations, thereby fostering a trustless and efficient trading environment. Choose Blue Ocean Media for state-of-the-art NFT smart contract development services.

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Schedule a call with our development team Geoff & Sid, over 10 years full stack experience and almost 20 years in web2.


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