Cyber Security

We provide cyber security services to companies across all industries in the UK. With high profile cases of cyber-crime becoming more noticeable in the news, we are seeing more SMEs becoming conscious of their cyber security efforts.

For small organisations of 1-50 staff, common challenges exist around email and website security.

For medium organisations up to 300 staff there are significant weaknesses in hosting security and the risk of internal data breaches with staff. Regardless of size, at Blue Ocean we have security services for all size companies.

We have security experts with certification from CREST, GIAC, OWASP, CHECK, and OSCP. Our Chief Technical Officer is Chapter Leader for the Open Web Application Security Project in the North West. Here is an overview of the cyber security services we provide.


We help companies reduce the risk of being hacked. We use live software to monitor the security of websites 24/7 on any intrusion. Almost 40% of small businesses had their website’s hacked in 2018 with many companies paying tens/hundreds of thousands of pounds to resolve the hacks. Can your business afford to not have a security plan?


Many companies fall foul of email spam which causes viruses, data loss, theft, encryption, deletion or ransom. We help reduce the risk of email fraud but using software to detect any malicious emails before staff receive them. We also provide a Suspicious Email Response Service as part of our security services.


We provide the latest server technology and correct configurations to ensure that our clients’ websites and digital assets remain secure. Read more about how we do this.


Companies transitioning to the cloud, along with the risk posed by staff and data access, is the biggest threat to cyber fraud between now and 2025. It is estimated that cyber crime in this area will rise from £1.2b to £3.8b losses. We help companies secure their data correctly in the cloud and initiate protocols to minimise internal data loss.


Passwords can easily be forgotten and it can be overwhelming having too many passwords. Organisations can have hundreds of passwords for various applications. The temptation to create simple passwords is high, which exposes many businesses. We can test, devise and manage password systems to improve password security and strengthen a business’ cyber security.


We provide services to the public sector and to private companies who contract with the public sector. In addition to Penetration Testing, we provide a tailored service offering around key areas such as Password management, Email security, Data and Cloud security.


Data is the new gold. Keep your data secure and you have a valuable asset. Data security is the highest profile area of cyber security between now and 2025. We assess what data companies have, where it is stored, who accesses it, and what we can do to minimise the risk of data loss, duplication, theft, encryption or deletion.


Our pen tests assess the current risk level of vulnerabilities in a company’s infrastructure. We provide penetration testing on an Adhoc basis for example when software or websites are updated, and annually. Our pen tests cover the following methodology: scoping, reconnaissance, scanning, vulnerabilities testing, maintaining access, analysis & reporting, and re-testing.

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